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We are a team of allied health professionals including a Counsellor, Dietitian and Psychologist to give YOU quality care.


We are an integrated team at Nedlands Wellness Centre. We provide holistic QUALITY CARE in a SAFE environment. We can help YOU with YOUR Counselling, Psychology and Dietary needs.
  • Poonam Morar
    Poonam MorarSr. Psychologist

    Poonam is a senior Psychologist who has been working in government organisations to vocational rehabilitation and she has experience in both individual counselling and group facilitation. This has provided her with the knowledge and understanding of the ripple effect all of these areas have not only on the individual but also on their loved ones.

    She believes psychological intervention assists clients to understand their cause of grief, identifying the triggers, address any underlying issues and provide skills to manage these so they can improve their life and their relationships. Poonam is committed to providing her clients with a professional environment where they feel comfortable, unjudged and free to talk about anything that is causing them grief.

  • Simon Cooper
    Simon CooperCounsellor

    Simon is a degree qualified counsellor who takes a person-centred approach to counselling his clients.
    This is a humanistic approach that works with how people perceive themselves and others using interpersonal processes and immediacy which involves listening and seeking feedback.
    This type of therapy differs from the traditional model of the therapist as expert and is a less directive, empathic approach, which seeks to empower and motivate the individual.
    He has a well-developed understanding of the spectrum of current counselling theories and practices and experience as a group facilitator.
    He has skills for the counselling of individuals, couples, families, adolescents, older adults and children.
    He understands the counselling needs of clients around general life matters and stress, as well as in the areas of bereavement and loss, alcohol and other drugs (AOD), trauma and depression.
    His relaxed manner helps create a setting where his clients feel safe to share their experiences and express their emotions.

    • Kelly McKimm
      Kelly McKimmDietitian

      Kelly is passionate about helping clients achieve their health goals by empowering them with knowledge and support. She has extensive knowledge in a range of clinical conditions and a good understanding of diet-disease relationships. Kelly can translate scientific nutrition information into personalized, practical dietary advice, to help you make healthier choices. Her aim is to provide you with support, education and strategies that will fit in with your lifestyle. The overall goal is to improve your health with simple, manageable steps that will have lifelong benefits.

      Kelly is an Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD) and member of the Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA). Her qualifications include a Master of Nutrition and Dietetics and a Bachelor of Health Science (Nutrition major).

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     We are a team of allied health service providers who will give you quality care with professionalism. We aim to improve the health of the local community through our integrated and holistic wellness solution.

    - Our Mission

    Services YOU need for a healthy life.

    The team at Nedlands Wellness Centre aims to give YOU the services YOU need to enhance YOUR health.

    Simon Cooper Professional Counsellor

    Simon can assist you with…

    Counselling Services

    Men’s Health
    Life matters
    Adapting to Life Changes
    Student issues
    Alcohol and Drug use
    Relationship Issues
    Career changes
    Bereavement and Loss

    Kelly specialises in…

    Chronic Disease Management

    Want to

    Diabetes -> Learn HOW to optimise your blood sugar levels
    High Cholesterol -> Improve your blood lipid profile and help prevent cardiovascular disease
    High blood pressure -> Learn how to reduce your blood pressure through diet
    Overweight/obesity -> Learn healthy eating habits to improve your overall health and well-being without ‘dieting’, including mindful eating.
    Food allergies/Intolerances -> Learn which foods are important to include in your diet
    Impaired Glucose Tolerance -> Learn about insulin resistance and diet strategies to improve your blood sugars

    Poonam specialises in…

    Psychology Services

    Poonam specialises in, but she is not limited to:

    Stress management
    Anger management
    Post Traumatic Stress Disorder(PTSD)
    Low self esteem
    Substance abuse
    Couples counselling
    Fatigue management
    Panic disorders
    Post Natal Depression


    Kelly McKimm Accredited Practising Dietitian | Accredited Nutritionist

    Initial Consultation (45 minutes) $100
    Review Consultation (30 minutes) $70
    Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) patients WITH VALID REFERALS can claim rebate from Medicare. Private referrals pay a fee according to their consultation and can claim from you private insurance according to your policy.

    Poonam Morar | Senior Psychologist

    Fee structure

    Can I get a Medicare rebate?

    You may be eligible for a rebate of $84.80 per session, with a Mental Health Care Plan referral from your GP.

    Fees for approximately 50 minute sessions

    Individual $185

    Student $180

    EMDR $230-Initial

    Couples $210

    *after hours appointment available upon requests.

    Late cancellation under 24 hours will incur 50% of full fee and “No Show” will attract a fee being the fee as per consult booked (no rebate is available for this charge). If you are unable to keep your appointment/s please give at least 24 hours notice. Our goal is to ensure that as many of our limited appointments are available to provide optimal service for all our clients.

    Make an appointment online or simply call us.

    08 9389 8964

    NEDLANDSMEDICAL@YAHOO.COM.AU Suite 26 | 88 Broadway | Broadway Fair Shopping Centre | NEDLANDS WA 6009

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